What You Need to Know About Tennis

Tennis is a very diverse sport, even off court. All in all, there is a lot of worth knowing information about the origin of the ball sport. Did you know that tennis goes back to the 13th century?

Besides the history of tennis we have collected the 100 most important terms of tennis for you and explained them in an easy to understand way. You surely know the feeling when you hear a special term but can’t assign it. Then take a look at our tennis glossary.

Do you already know the general rules of tennis? If not, now is a good time to catch up. Or are you just not sure about a rule and want to read it again? We have also created a separate page for this purpose. There you will find all answers to your questions.

photo of an umpire chair with a scoreboard on the tennis court

Tennis Rules

Tennis Rules Explained Simply

Read the Tennis Rules
photo of a tennis ball on a clay court

Tennis Terms

The 100 Most Important Tennis Terms

Discover the Glossary
photo of a male tennis player with a tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow

Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Learn more about Tennis Elbow
photo of the net on a tennis clay court

Tennis Court

Tennis Court – Dimensions, Surfaces & Construction

All about the Tennis Court
photo of a tennis facility with several hard courts

Tennis Tournaments

8 Different Types of Tennis Tournaments

See All Tournaments
photo of a tennis court in a tennis stadium

Tennis Rankings

How the Ranking System works in Tennis

Learn more about the Ranking System
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Tennis Records

World Records of the last 100 Years

View All Records
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History of Tennis

The History of Tennis – From its Origins to the Present

Discover the History of Tennis